Love My Neighbor 2 Prevail - continuation and adaptation of our Love My Neighbor Art Program

With Art - We Persevere!

We have launched a new program - Love My Neighbor 2 Prevail - which brings together the healing power of the community with the long proven power of art to communicate and inspire at the times of crises.

We are continuing our Love My Neighbor curriculum program through a new format with its central message and practice being directly applied to communities in need in midst of national emergency.  In essence, the crisis is emphasizing everything the Love My Neighbor message and project are all about.  

We are combining the food distribution with outreach through children's art generated from our program, sharing the images and support messages from the children to lift the spirits of our older neighbors who are lonely in the social isolation.
This program now is more essential than ever with kids out of school, out of all organized after school programs, sports and clubs.  This program not just provides some in home activity – it gives kids the sense of participation in something important, of social responsibility and community engagement while being safe at home.

We tell kids that even in home isolation we are still a community.  We ask them what image they think can lift the spirit of another person who is lonely, who is worried, who is in need of help.  We tell them that art has a great visual power that can affect other people; that at the time of crisis people need each other even more than ever; that through art they can communicate their feeling toward other people, their neighbors.

This is what we believe the true purpose of art is and at the time like this it is needed more than ever.
With Art - We Persevere!

In Isolation - We Are Still A Community! 

Thanks to the donations from FoodCycle LA and Trader Joe's, we were able to rapidly bring much needed food to one of the most difficult and notorious neighborhoods of LA County, the "Scottsdale" neighborhood of Carson, the site of our Love My Neighbor public art project. 

The food situation was difficult for older people and limited ability folks over there even before the crisis.  There is no food store in walking distance. Now we were able to fill the gap when needed most and quickly  bring much needed food for the quarantined elderly folks of this long underserved community. 

We are bringing food in at night and community activists and security takes them to houses in the morning. We also bring children’s art generated from our program with support messages from kids to lift the spirits of our older neighbors.

Even in home isolation we are still a community!  By loving our neighbor we will prevail!

Our Partnership with FoodCycle

Tue, Oct 6 at 6:37 PM
Love My Neighbor
FoodCycle Supports Community Based Solutions to Food Insecurity

FoodCycle is proud to partner with community organizations serving those impacted by food scarcity, like the Love My Neighbor project.

Our food recovery and diversion program works to eliminate the environmental impacts of food waste by rerouting surplus food away from landfills to Angelenos' plates, via neighborhood organizations like Artward Initiative. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we've diverted over 4,000 pounds of recovered food to their Artward Initiative. 

Alexey Steele is an American painter, Artist Laureate, Founder of Love My Neighbor and Volunteer of Artward Initiative, which donates art supplies and food relief packages to families in the underserved Scottsdale neighborhood of Carson. Working with the Carson Sheriff's Station Gang Diversion Team and FoodCycle LA, Love My Neighbor distributes produce boxes filled with balanced, nutritional foods.
"I believe that strengthening community bonds by getting to know and love ones neighbors is an answer to many of the difficult issues facing society today"
Alexey Steele

FoodCycle is helping over 100 different community based organizations like this one meet the needs of hungry families in our city.  We're proud to support Love My Neighbor's vital efforts in their community. 
Support the critical work we're doing - make a donation, or volunteer to help us

Feed People - Not Landfills.
The FoodCycle Team

Love My Neighbor Childrens' Art Program and Emergency Food Delivery

Breaking Bread With Our Neighbors. Why We Do It.

Another week of quarantine and another week of food distribution in the long under-served difficult “Scottsdale” neighborhood of Carson. This place was hard hit even before COVID19, now for many residents below poverty line, elderly and ill it is even more so.  This is where the meaning of the “community” and “neighbors” comes into sharp focus.  
Within the first week of the emergency we lined up a great collaboration with FoodSycle LA which secured for us great donation sources and we started the distribution to the most vulnerable group of Scottsdale on the first weekend of the stay at home orders. 
We launched our emergency program on Saturday, March 22 ahead of most local governments who developed similar programs.  We are doing it ever since in the great collaboration with an amazing long time community activist, Chairwoman of Scottsdale Townhouses Association Board of Governors and Star Pro Security Company. On our food bags we put the uplifting art from local kids we generated through our program along with supportive messages.
Last week we collected and brought great nutritious food from Whole Foods and Sprouts, Sadie lovingly packed it and with Star Pro officers Jonathan and Adam we delivered 30 packages of  to fifteen families in need.  An 85 year old lady had fractured her leg and cannot even get out of house.  She had no food. Many lost what small odd jobs they had. Some are too frail to go to grocery stores.
There are places of need where we can all do something during the pandemic and especially once its over. We bring food and art. That’s why we do it.
 With Art We Persevere. 
By Loving Our Neighbor We Will Prevail!

Our Mission

Artward Initiative is formed to strengthen Southern California local communities through its charitable cultural activities. Our goal is to provide the economically disadvantage people and indigents in the local communities with improvement of professional skills and other educational resources they may need. Our events and projects are centered around community development and revitalization, enhance community's quality of life through art, cultural and educational projects. We support projects, public art and social action programs in underserved communities of color that promote cultural diversity and encourage greater understanding among different cultures including community beautification, civic leadership, citizen education as well as arts education initiatives that contribute to the positive development of young people and young people at risk. We aim to support projects and programs that promote cultural diversity and encourage greater understanding among different cultures including community beautification, civic leadership, citizen education as well as arts education initiatives that contribute to the positive development of young people and young people at risk. We support public art and social action programs that reflect our goals.

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