Our Partnership with FoodCycle

Tue, Oct 6 at 6:37 PM
Love My Neighbor
FoodCycle Supports Community Based Solutions to Food Insecurity

FoodCycle is proud to partner with community organizations serving those impacted by food scarcity, like the Love My Neighbor project.

Our food recovery and diversion program works to eliminate the environmental impacts of food waste by rerouting surplus food away from landfills to Angelenos' plates, via neighborhood organizations like Artward Initiative. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we've diverted over 4,000 pounds of recovered food to their Artward Initiative. 

Alexey Steele is an American painter, Artist Laureate, Founder of Love My Neighbor and Volunteer of Artward Initiative, which donates art supplies and food relief packages to families in the underserved Scottsdale neighborhood of Carson. Working with the Carson Sheriff's Station Gang Diversion Team and FoodCycle LA, Love My Neighbor distributes produce boxes filled with balanced, nutritional foods.
"I believe that strengthening community bonds by getting to know and love ones neighbors is an answer to many of the difficult issues facing society today"
Alexey Steele

FoodCycle is helping over 100 different community based organizations like this one meet the needs of hungry families in our city.  We're proud to support Love My Neighbor's vital efforts in their community. 
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Feed People - Not Landfills.
The FoodCycle Team